Waxman calls on Toyota to put safety first, says NHTSA must improve


Legislation will have little or no effect unless electronics are standardized and use a common language so that it can be clearly understood by all parties. As already required by federal law, service facilities, both dealer and independent, do it yourselfers, and regulating bodies must have access to this information. As it stands now each manufacturer uses their own systems and their own language which requires an inordinate amount of proprietary knowledge and equipment just to understand and makes it impossible to scrutinize the technology with any authority by an outside party. This is unnecessary and is counter intuitive to federal laws currently in place, and in the current situation, makes it difficult to pinpoint a very serious problem. If this technology were standardized, open source and more transparent I have no doubt this problem would have been pinpointed and corrected long before anyone had to lose their lives, their livelihood, or their freedom.