Toyota dealers brace for sales halt; 'it could be devastating'


The comments suggest that Toyota is someone other than our fellow dealers. Companies have problems all the time. The dealers in this country, including Toyota dealers, have had a challenging 18 months. Not all Toyota dealers have been successful in the last 10years nor have all other dealers, FOrd, GM, VW, etc. been failures. The mentality of kicking people when they are down is ridiculous. Many of the people commenting here revel in it. Just remember, the worm always turns and do you want to be treated and talked about if suddenly you are not so perfect. I have run a dealership for over 25 years and there is no such thing as a perfect car, perfect service, etc every single day at any store in the country. At least the problem is being fixed which is what all of us should want because we will be taking these cars in on trade. Remember the Volvo incidents? Pinto? Vega? Corvair? Remember the glass house story and quit wishing bad things on others. Car dealers are in this mess together whether you recognize it or not.