Fritz fired? One insider says %#$&#! yes

Another day, another reminder that you can't control the message anymore.

A Facebook comment, since removed, on the departure of General Motors Co. CEO Fritz Henderson is a case in point. Shortly after GM said Henderson had resigned his position, the commenter, claiming to be a Henderson family member, noted in no uncertain terms that Henderson was fired by Chairman and new interim CEO Ed Whitacre.

More to the point, the commenter identified herself as Henderson's 'effing' (not her word) daughter.

The comment was replete with profanity, so we can't share it with you. Of course, you can find it on the Web. grabbed a screen shot before the post was removed.

Suffice to say that Whitacre isn't this commenter's BFF.

So did Henderson, a GM lifer who just steered the automaker through the crucible of bankruptcy and was in the middle of wrestling with the sale and shuttering of billions of dollars in assets, get unceremoniously canned?

GM has had its say. Henderson isn't talking.

What do you think?