Jack the dealer finds congressmen to sponsor 'dealer rights' bill

Today is D-Day at about 789 dealerships across America -- "D" as in Done being a Chrysler Dealer.

But the fight goes on for a few.

Last week I wrote a column reporting how megadealer Jack Fitzgerald -- who lost seven Chrysler franchises at five locations -- was part of a group of Washington-area dealers trying to generate grass roots support for a bill that would roll back franchise terminations by Chrysler and General Motors.

Well, they took the first step.

On Tuesday, with bipartisan support, a bill "to restore the economic rights of automobile dealers" was submitted in the House as H.R. 2743.» H.R. 2743: A bill to restore the economic rights of automobile dealers and for other purposes.

» ED LAPHAM'S JUNE 4 BLOG: Dealers push bill to roll back franchise terminations

» ED LAPHAM'S JUNE 1 COLUMN: Jack the Dealer won't go quietlyFitzgerald told me the support includes members of the Democratic House leadership. "These are people who care that this is America," he told me.

What's next?

Oh, that's simple: it's on to the Senate.

By the way, in the last session of Congress, the bill designated with the number H.R. 2743 was the "Military Affiliate Radio System Emergency Communication Act of 2007."

It never became law.

We'll see about this one.