German teleshopping channel launches new-car sales

Munich. Cars are being offered for sale for the first time on German television.

The digital teleshopping channel BestsellerTV has been offering for sale EU and day-registration vehicles from various manufacturers since October 4.

The channel's partner for deliveries is ATG-Automobile, a wholly owned subsidiary of Internet-based dealer Juetten & Koolen. ATG said it has sold some cars, although it declined to say how many.

Managing Director Bernd Juetten is betting on the "over-proportional growth rate" of teleshopping and sees television as a "long-term additional sales conduit." But neither he nor BestsellerTV would venture any sales predictions.

Functioning as a service provider, the Cologne-based broadcaster "will open television as a channel of distribution," a spokeswoman said.

30% saving

So far, further cooperation with dealers isn't being planned. Nevertheless, the TV channel considers sales via television as promising and hasn't put any time limit on the pilot project.

Compared to the manufacturers' suggested prices, the cars are expected to cost up to 30 percent less.

Interested viewers are invited to contact the Cologne home shopping channel by telephone or e-mail, and then an ATG employee makes the contact.

Customers can have their cars delivered at additional cost or pick them up at ATG in the Aachen area.