Mann + Hummel adds more Ford business

Ludwigsburg. German supplier Mann + Hummel has improved its position in the North American market.

The company will manufacture air filter systems and intake manifolds for engines used in Ford Motor Co.'s mid-range platform.

Ford wants to sharply expand its market share in the mid-range segment by annually building 300,000 Ford Fusions, Mercury Milans and Lincoln Zephyrs equipped with Mann+Hummel technology.

Mann + Hummel manufactures plastic manifolds for Ford's Duratec engine in Portage, Michigan.

The air filter system and a coolant reservoir, also part of the order and headed for all three models, are coming from Mann + Hummel's factory in Queretaro, Mexico.

Filters for V-6 engine

The air filter systems were specially adapted for the acoustics of the 2.3-liter inline four-cylinder engines and the V-6. The resonator lies in the fender and thus takes up no additional space in the narrow engine compartment.

Final assembly takes place in Hermosillo, Mexico.

To meet tight environmental requirements in the so-called "green states," Mann + Hummel has developed a new hydrocarbon trap. Those states include California, New York, Massachusetts, Vermont and Maine.

Prevents escape

After an engine is shut off, it is possible for fuel residue to evaporate and escape through the manifold. To prevent this, Mann + Hummel integrated a hydrocarbon-adsorbent element into the air duct. That element holds onto hydrocarbon molecules.