Clio campaign has a comic look

French agency has won awards for Modus ads

Frankfurt. Renault's ad campaign for the new Clio uses comic-book drawings to emphasize the small car's power. The idea for the Clio's ads came from Publicis Worldwide, the Paris-based agency credited with the Renault Modus' campaign that uses the tagline "Don't act so grown-up."

The car, which goes on sale in France on Sept. 16, will begin arriving in German dealer showrooms Oct. 7.

Car buyers in Germany have embraced the Modus small minivan, making it the brand's No. 3 seller so far this year in Europe's largest market. At 16,972 units through July the Modus has outsold Renault mainstays such as the Twingo and soon-to-be-replaced Clio.

Publicis's ads, which poke fun at growing up, also earned the company "The Campaign of the Year 2004" from German industry magazine Kontakter.

Volker Selle, managing director of Publicis's Frankfurt office, says his goal is to make people perceive Renault as the industry's the most creative carmaker.

"Creation is anchored in Renault's DNA," Selle said, referring to the carmaker's brand positioning as the createur d'automobiles.

Publicis has been working with carmaker since the 1970s. The firm's founder, Marcel Bleustein-Blanchet, established his agency in Paris in 1926 and was the first to use radio as an advertising medium. When the government banned advertising from the airwaves, he founded the first French private broadcaster.

The company's other customers include Nestle, Deutsche Telekom and Procter & Gamble.

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