Saab 9-5 on way to Frankfurt, then dealers

Freshened Saab flagship offers up to 260 horsepower

Munich. Saab expects German sales of its face-lifted 9-5 to at least remain equal to the current model. In 2004, Saab sold 1,300 9-5s in Germany - 1,000 of the in the wagon body style. The new 9-5 will debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show and be in German dealerships starting in November. The base price for the 9-5 sedan is set at 30,450 euros, or about $37,400 at current exchange rates, for the 2.0t version with 150 horsepower. The top model, the 2.3 Aero turbo with 260 horsepower, will be priced at 39,900 euros, or about $49,000. The 150-hp diesel version will be priced at 32,050 euros, or about $39,400. Saab is charging an additional 1,050 euros, or about $1,290, for the wagon version in each case. A 180-hp Flexible Fuel Vehicle, which runs on either bio-ethanol or gasoline, is being offered in Sweden. It will be available when sales of the new model begin. Pricing for the German market has not yet been set.