With multi-branding, Rover dealers survive

Neuss, Germany. MG Rover insolvency administrator PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) has sent its experts to the brand's German importer.

PwC managing director Juergen Voss stresses that while Rover is "not insolvent," he is exploring whether the importer can continue once 1,850 new vehicles in inventory are sold. It is unclear if 356 vehicles on order will still be delivered.

The 96 MG Rover dealers in Germany and 17 in Austria say they can handle this difficult situation because most have other franchises.

For example, Peter Moehnle of Kohler Automobile in Landsberg also sells Land Rover.

"At the moment we are receiving a lot of calls from unnerved Land Rover customers who want to know what will happen to their brand," Moehnle says.

"I have been dealing in British cars for almost 30 years. I am used to trouble," says Hans Kolb of British Cars Kolb in Nuremberg. He says his dealership could survive just providing service.

Horst Willner Sr., an MG Rover dealer based in Ingolstadt, also can manage with his existing service contracts. "Our 1,000 Rover customers still need to be looked after," he says.