German dealers turn to 'smart repairs' to save costs

Hamburg. Many auto dealers in Germany are outsourcing minor repairs to outside contractors to save costs.

Dent Wizard GmbH of Rellingen, near Hamburg, is the market leader in Germany for so-called "smart repairs."

The German subsidiary of the United States-based American Dent Wizard Group counts 2,500 car dealers in Germany as its clients.

A dealer who needs to have minor bodywork, paintwork or interior repairs carried out calls in a Dent Wizard technician. The technician then visits the dealer the same day or the following day to make the repair.

Outsourcing saves the dealer the cost of investing in specialist tools and staff training.

The type of work carried out under this method includes minor bodywork, paintwork and interior repairs.

These repairs are significantly cheaper than repair work done in the conventional way.

Fleet operators, leasing business, car hire company and used-car sales outlets also are increasingly turning to outsourced repairs.

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