BMW expands dealer network, used-car sales in Germany

Munich, Germany. BMW wants a larger dealer network in Germany.

"We have opened eight new locations since the beginning of the year. By the end of 2005 there will be another 12," says Ludwig Willisch, sales and marketing manager responsible for Germany.

He says BMW plans to have more than 700 sales outlets in Germany, up from 655, and to improve the quality of the locations.

There are 18 BMW-owned dealerships in Germany. Eleven of the locations also have used-car sale centers. "We will open our 12th center in Dresden this year," Willisch says, adding that more centers are planned.

BMW dealers that sell used and new cars should achieve the same volume for both. Last year, BMW dealers sold 233,000 used and 256,000 new vehicles. A used car was traded in as part of almost 40 percent of all of BMW's new-car sales to private customers.

Many customers trade in their cars for bottom-of-the-range BMW models. For example, the conquest rate for the 1 series currently lies at 50 percent and should rise to 67 percent.

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