Webasto dream car at the IAA

Supplier presents flexible solutions for roof and storage space at Frankfurt show

Stockdorf. Convertible and roofing supplier Webasto will debut a variable-vehicle prototype called Welcome 2 at the IAA show in Frankfurt next month.

Variable vehicle concepts are currently in high demand. Webasto intends for the show car to demonstrate innovative solutions for roof and storage space.

The glass roof of the sports coupe can be arranged in five positions and can also be turned into a small targa roof while driving. The trunk lid, which is made from curved aluminum slats, is also highly flexible. It disappears into the vehicle floor behind the rear bench, using a remote control.

This turns the convertible into a pickup, designed to appeal to North American car buyers. The prototype's design is also based on North American cars, Webasto's reminder that it has been involved in the US market for 30 years.