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You know where your pizza is, but your car?

Dealership service departments have embraced a few relatively high-tech, customer-focused features, such as allowing customers to make their own service appointments online, but they lag what consumers are used to, say...

The follow-up call turns up business on the service end

Follow-up in the service department is just as important as follow-up in sales, says Mitsubishi dealer Joe Bizzarro. Follow-up calls produce two to five additional service appointments per week, he says.

Ally nearly halts losses in its floorplan share

In the fight for floorplan business, Ally is steadying its ground. Ally nearly stopped a five-year slide in floorplan share for General Motors and Fiat Chrysler dealers in 2015.

Floorplanning's future as a revenue source

Floorplanning should be a cost, but has become a profit source for some dealerships. Here's how, and what the future may hold.