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Recent authored articles

Kiekert brings electronics to door latches

Door dents could become a thing of the past thanks to German supplier Kiekert AG.

Deep red, silvery hues among BASF's top auto paint colors

Raingarden, Primordial Soup and Aerialist Wish are names of automotive paint colors developed by BASF, the automotive paint and chemicals company.

Columbus lands big EV investment

Columbus, Ohio, has beaten six other cities in a U.S.

Automakers' anxiety: Why can't we sell EVs?

Market conditions are improving for EV sales, and automakers are investing. But consumers still aren't buying. What will it take?

How to give control back to hands-off drivers?

As industry engineers and designers contemplate the transition to more vehicle autonomy, they're looking especially hard at what happens when drivers take control of a car that has been in autonomous mode.

Tech race pits haves vs. have-nots

Self-driving cars -- or more precisely, the technology that guides them -- won't be cheap will require deep pockets and could force some niche carmakers to sit on the sidelines.

Rembrandts help refine the art of the sale

Robert Hoehn is a 21st century American car dealer who became obsessed with collecting prints made by a 17th century Dutch master who conjured dark, magical images using copper plates, acid, an etching tool and a press.