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Ghosn's "massive' Mitsubishi plan

Carlos Ghosn says the plans for how Nissan, Renault and Mitsubishi will work together will be revealed the day the pending partnership is announced.

World changes, but Nissan's GT-R still screams

Sales of Nissan's GT-R are almost too small to bother with. But the automaker continues to invest in a new generation of its pricey sports car, and for good reason.

Nissan will keep pushing, Munoz says

Nissan North America Chairman Jose Munoz says the automaker will not ease off after it reaches its targeted 10 percent U.S. market share.

JDC's success is about company, not family

Very few family members are actually employed at Tennessee automotive supplier JDC Coatings, which President Michael Frye says allows the company to focus on what's best for the business.

Nissan sees ads transcending borders

Nissan will launch a new U.S. advertising campaign this week, but other significant marketing changes are coming.

Nissan’s less-is-more plan on pickup variations

Nissan's new Titan will be available with only a fraction of the configurations that are possible on the big-selling Detroit 3 pickups. But Nissan hopes that will actually please its customers.

With free services, 'business is exploding'

Priority Auto Group CEO Dennis Ellmer challenged his managers to give customers free maintenance for life, and the growth never stopped.

Creative suppliers are awarded for cutting weight

Vehicle lightweighting solutions earned suppliers an armful of Automotive News PACE Awards last week in Detroit.

There's big money in the recall crisis

Companies are capitalizing on recall mania. A number of companies are designing products and services to make money on recalls at the dealership level.

Infiniti tightens up '17 launch schedules

Infiniti Americas Vice President Randy Parker said national inventory levels have been brought under control and will remain more manageable. Infiniti sales, market share and dealer profits rose last year, Parker said.

Nissan massages sales program, talks trucks.

Nissan is easing off of some of the tougher rules of its dealer sales incentive program at the request of its national dealer council, company officials said at the make meeting during the NADA convention.

Sales-effectiveness ratings can kill a franchise

Dealers who are struggling with the sales effectiveness metric from automakers say it can be a cold, inflexible standard -- one that can cost them a franchise.

Nissan refines its 2017 GT-R supercar

When it appears this summer, Nissan's significantly freshened GT-R supercar will feature a more elegant cockpit, with refined leather and a simplified instrument panel with fewer buttons and switches.

Nissan counts on commercial vehicles

Fred Diaz, former sales and marketing chief for Nissan North America, is now tasked with cranking up Nissan's commercial vehicle sales in the U.S., Canada and Mexico - a key part of Nissan's goal of increasing market share.

Meet the man behind your sales report card

Urban Science of Detroit supplies the mysterious and sometimes controversial analytics that are used by every auto manufacturer dealer network in the United States, and many others around the world.

New Nissan sales chief shifts ad approach

Nissan's new sales and marketing boss orders up a new approach to U.S. advertising.

Revamped products will give Nissan a premium edge

Three of Nissan's recent vehicle redesigns will give retailers a chance to appeal to higher end consumers and score higher transaction prices than the brand's volume products.