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2012 Automotive News Europe Eurostars

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The 2012 Eurostars distinguished themselves through their ability to beat expectations and by their willingness to take risks to make their companies better. Under CEO Carlos Ghosn in 2011, Renault set a new record for global vehicle sales and Nissan achieved an all-time high for European sales. Porsche CEO Matthias Mueller guided the sports car brand to new records for vehicle sales and operating profit last year. The other 12 Eurostars have reached equally impressive results. Automotive News Europe, PwC and Siemens honored the winners at an awards dinner on Sept. 26 in Paris.

Purchasing Executive
Ian Harnett

Ian Harnett, Jaguar Land Rover Purchasing Director

Jaguar Land Rover had the highest improvement of any manufacturer in the 2012 Supplier Relationship index done by IHS Automotive and Automotive News Europe. That has a lot to do with the efforts of Purchasing Director Ian Harnett, who has been one of the few constants at Land Rover as it has changed ownership three times in the last 30 years.

Bodo Uebber
CFO<br>Bodo Uebber
Emerging Market Executive
Bruno Ancelin
Emerging Market Executive<br>Bruno Ancelin
Group CEO
Carlos Ghosn
Group CEO<br>Carlos Ghosn
Gerry McGovern
Designer<br>Gerry McGovern
Purchasing Executive
Ian Harnett
Purchasing Executive<br>Ian Harnett
Social Media Executive
Isabelle Cahu Bernabe
Social Media Executive<br>Isabelle Cahu Bernabe
Supplier CEO
Jan Carlson
Supplier CEO<br>Jan Carlson
Supplier Division CEO
Jose Avila
Supplier Division CEO<br>Jose Avila
Sales & Marketing Executive
Juergen Stackmann
Sales & Marketing Executive<br>Juergen Stackmann
Manufacturing Executive
Kook-Hyun Shim
Manufacturing Executive<br>Kook-Hyun Shim
Car Division CEO
Matthias Mueller
Car Division CEO<br>Matthias Mueller
Lifetime Achievement
Lorenzo Ramaciotti
Lifetime Achievement<br>Lorenzo Ramaciotti
Superluxury Executive
Torsten Mueller-Oetvoes
Superluxury Executive<br>Torsten Mueller-Oetvoes
Project Leader for Car
Ulrich Widmann
Project Leader for Car<br>Ulrich Widmann
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