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Updated: 09/25/17
Bentley fifth vehicle

Segment: Exotic

Drivetrain option(s): RWD

Powertrain(s): Gasoline

Possible 2020

Bentley has teased a fifth vehicle for years, but the shape of such a vehicle has yet to be finalized. It's likely to be all-electric, based on conversations with Bentley CEO Wolfgang Duerheimer and engineering chief Rolf Frech. There is talk of it being a crossover smaller than the Bentayga; a sporty coupe equal in price to the Continental GT but more performance-oriented; or a sporty, coupe-style four-door about the same size as the Continental. The vehicle would go on sale after Bentley has rolled out plug-in hybrid versions of its existing nameplates, so 2020 or 2021 at the earliest.

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