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FINANCE: Dan Ammann, CFO, General Motors
General Motors won back its investment grade rating from Moody's Investors Service in September, a milestone in the company's four-year recovery from its historic bankruptcy. Ammann, an unflappable 41-year-old New Zealand native, has spearheaded several key initiatives to get GM back in investors' good graces.
In late 2012, he led a $3.6 billion pension buyout of roughly 13,200 salaried retirees, erasing about $29 billion from a massive pension liability that remains a threat to GM's balance sheet. GM in the past year also spent nearly $9 billion to buy 320 million common and preferred shares from the U.S. Treasury and the UAW's health care trust. Those moves helped to lift GM's stock price while putting the stigma of government ownership farther in GM's rearview mirror.