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Audi TT
Last modified: 04/07/14
The sporty coupe will arrive in the United States in 2015. Audi hopes to rekindle America's love affair with the original TT, which went on sale in 1999, and to defy market forces that hammered the sporty coupe category and caused sales of the TT to fall by two-thirds from the car's first generation to its second.

The reworked TT, unveiled at the 2014 Geneva auto show, is a fresh styling statement for the brand, with new, more angular versions of Audi's Single frame grille and LED headlights. Its interior is a departure, too -- most notably the decision to replace the center console screen with a display in the instrument cluster. The TT will shed weight and get better fuel economy with a move to the more efficient turbocharged gasoline engines used in the Volkswagen Golf and Audi A3.

Also featured is the automaker's virtual cockpit, highlighted by a digital instrument panel that displays all the car's information in front of the driver, eliminating the need for a central multimedia interface monitor. The driver can choose from two displays: a classic view with the speedometer and rpm gauge in the foreground and an infotainment mode in which navigation data takes over most of the screen and the car's virtual instrument readings are made smaller.
Segment: Compact SportyPowertrain: Conventional (gasoline)
Release Year: 2015New Product Category: Redesign
Drive: AWD/FWD

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