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Porsche 960 two-seater
While Porsche AG CEO Matthias Mueller has said it’s not a priority, Porsche continues developing a two-seat mid-engine coupe to slot into the wide space between the 911 and the 918 Spyder. Dubbed “FeFi” inside the company — for Ferrari fighter — it could debut in 2017.

The vehicle’s price could start around 200,000 euros. According to one report, the vehicle could use a 3.9-liter boxer eight-cylinder engine with four turbochargers producing 650 hp. Engineers would employ liberal use of aluminum and composites in the architecture to limit the weight to 3,000 pounds. All-wheel drive is likely.
Segment: ExoticPowertrain: Conventional (gasoline)
Release Year: 2017New Product Category: Possible
Drive: AWD