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Jeep Renegade
Last modified: 03/04/14
The subcompact 2015 Jeep Renegade unveiled at the 2014 Geneva Motor Show shares a platform with the Fiat 500L and will be assembled in a Fiat plant in Melfi, Italy. Its boxy, upright design is reminiscent of the 2002 Jeep Liberty, but it is smaller and more technologically advanced in almost every respect. The vehicle is scheduled to go on sale in the United States in early 2015.

In North America, it will come with either a 1.4-liter turbocharged inline-four that produces 160 hp and 170 pounds-feet of torque combined with a six-speed manual, or a 2.4-liter inline-four that produces 184 hp and 177 pounds-feet of torque combined with a nine-speed automatic. Fuel economy would be more than 30 mpg.

It features a number of first-time Jeep elements, including rear brake lights with X-shaped clear inserts that give it a distinctive look. It also has two optional roofs: one with a traditional sunroof and the other with two removable panels that give it an open-air feel.

Jeep has not announced U.S. pricing for the Renegade.
Segment: SubcompactPowertrain: Conventional (gasoline)
Release Year: 2015New Product Category: New
Drive: AWD/FWD

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