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Acura TLX
Last modified: 04/22/14
The redesigned 2015 TLX mid-sized sedan, unveiled at the 2014 New York auto show, will replace the TL and TSX sedans in its U.S. lineup.

The TLX shares a 2.4-liter base engine with the Accord, but the TLX's mill has higher compression ratios, a two-stage intake and a modified exhaust. The TLX generates 206 hp. Itís 1.5 seconds quicker in zero-to-60 than the outgoing TSX.

The TLX's 290 hp, 3.5-liter V-6 engine is shared with the MDX and RLX, and gets 5 mpg better highway fuel economy than the outgoing TL.

It goes on sale in summer 2014, with pricing expected to be released closer to launch.
Segment: Mid-sized LuxuryPowertrain: Conventional (gasoline)
Release Year: 2014New Product Category: Redesign
Drive: AWD/FWD

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