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Honda Civic
Last modified: 12/14/13
With the 2014 model year, all automatic Civics will come with Continuously Variable Transmissions. Contrary to press reports, the Civic will not receive an Earth Dreams engine until its redesign in spring 2016. The next generation could bring a turbocharged version or a return of a Type R. Honda showed a European spec Civic Type R with a downsized 2.0-liter turbor ahead of the 2013 Tokyo show. That is expected to arrive in 2015. When the Civic is redesigned, the hybrid version will move from its one-motor IMA system to a two-motor system that allows extensive electric-only driving. One motor powers the wheels; the other recharges the batteries. It will be a cheaper version of the same system that is in the Accord Hybrid.
Segment: CompactPowertrain: Conventional ()
Release Year: 2016New Product Category: Redesign
Drive: FWD

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