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MIDEST, the world's leading industrial subcontracting show
MIDEST is the global platform for sourcing and meetings between customers and subcontractors.
It is the show for forging partnerships and monitoring technology that serves the needs of manufacturers, component suppliers and assemblers looking for face-to-face meetings with solution providers in:
Metal processing, Processing of plastics / rubber / composite materials, Electronics / Electricals, Microtechniques, Industrial fasteners, Surface treatments, Industry services, Wood processing, Industrial maintenance.
 LOCATION: Villepinte
 PHONE: +33(0)147566538
  11/4 - 11/7
 Facility: Paris Nord Villepinte Exhibition Centre
Automotive Polyurethanes Conference
The Automotive Polyurethanes Conference is the newest offering from Urethanes Technology International in its conference portfolio.

Bringing together polyurethane raw material companies, automotive component specifiers, automotive engineering as well as procurement specialists involved in interior and exterior developments.
The annual SEMA show in Las Vegas, Nevada is a trade show for automotive specialty products. In addition to product display and demonstration, the show provides attendees with educational seminars, special events and networking opportunities. Parking is $10 daily on show days. This event is not open to the public.
 LOCATION: Las Vegas
 PHONE: (909) 396-0289
  11/4 - 11/7
 Facility: Las Vegas Convention Center
World Automotive Conference in Turkey
Main Topics to be discussed: Regional Economic Overview, Turkey's Domestic Market Potential, Automotive Logistics and Supply Chain, R&D, Connectivity & Big Data, E-Vehicles
 LOCATION: Istanbul
 PHONE: +44 203 289 5003
  11/5 - 11/6
 Facility: Elite World Istanbul Hotel
Detroit Economic Club Meeting with Mike Jackson
Join the Detroit Economic Club for a program and luncheon with featured guest Mike Jackson, chairman & CEO of AutoNation, Inc. on Thursday, November 6, 2014 at 11:30 a.m. at the Dearborn Inn Marriott.

Jackson will take a look at how the U.S. economy is being driven by housing, energy and autos, and will discuss challenges and opportunities for the auto industry. Rod Alberts, executive director of the Detroit Auto Dealers Association will serve as presiding officer.
 PHONE: 313-963-8547
  11/6 - 11/6
 Facility: Dearborn Inn Marriott
Central Mexico Summit for Manufacturers
Grupo Prodensa and PROMEXICO are holding an informational summit for automotive manufacturers who want to hear more about opportunities in Central Mexico. Real estate, government incentives, industry clusters, and challenges in human resources will be discussed.
 LOCATION: Sterling Heights
 PHONE: 616-450-6925
  11/6 - 11/6
 Facility: DC3S Meeting Center
 Sponsors: Grupo Prodensa
 New York
The Empire State Plaza Auto Show
New Car Show featuring over 30 different manufacturers.
 PHONE: 518-452-0584 x. 202
  11/7 - 11/9
 Facility: The Empire State Plaza Concourse
 Sponsors: 4 Pine West Plaza
Telematics Munich
At Telematics Munich 2014 (10th-11th November), Europe’s leading OEMs and Tier 1s will join tech players to discuss how the car should plug into the IoT. Speakers confirmed - Daimler, Qoros, the UN, Volkswagen, Facebook, Continental and Ford. Topics include content & apps, V2X & autonomous car, traffic & advanced nav, insurance & fleet.
Automotive Engineering Show
Bringing together the UK’s world class automotive engineering industries:
Hosted as part of the Advanced Engineering UK 2014 group of events, the Automotive Engineering Show represents UK’s only 100% dedicated show and open conference for Automotive body, chassis, powertrain and supply chain engineering, supporting the UK’s multiple vehicle design, development, production & integration engineering programmes – from Passenger Car, Performance Vehicle, CV, Bus & Truck, Motorcycle, Specialist, Low Carbon Vehicle & Engine sectors.
 LOCATION: Birmingham
 PHONE: +44 (0) 20 8783 3575
  11/11 - 11/12
 Facility: Hall 5, NEC
 Sponsors: UK Tech Events
Interactive lecture on the design principles and hands-on workshop for EV motor design with Jim Hendershot.
Transport and Logistics Rotterdam 2014, The Netherlands
The Governmental policy on the Dutch top sector Logistics creates space for the logistics market to do business, invest and export
 PHONE: +31 (0)162 408991
  11/11 - 11/13
 Sponsors: EasyFairs
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Automotive Networks 2014
Future networks in vehicles
Future vehicles will require high-performance bus protocols because of the increase of ADAS and vehicle communication requirements. High-performance bus systems like Ethernet, CAN FD will substitute conventional bus protocols. Enormous flexibility in topology, rapid transfer speeds and a high cost-saving potential make bus systems a key element for the increasing network of modern vehicles. Ethernet and CAN FD opens new opportunities for the design of innovative applications. But there introduction also brings challenges: compiling an optimal tool chain, dealing with time-critical applications, transferring AUTOSAR signals or ensuring data integrity.

The conference Automotive Networks provides specialised knowledge and offers an overview of the latest discussion on high-performance bus protocols with application-based and solution-oriented presentations for those who want use the full potential of the new concepts.

Discuss with OEMs, suppliers, semiconductor vendors and tool providers!
 LOCATION: München
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 PHONE: +49 (0)89 998 30-669
  11/13 - 11/13
 Sponsors: Hanser Tagungen und Messen
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Automotive Networks - Ethernet, CAN FD 2014
The conference Automotive Networks provides specialised knowledge and offers an overview of the latest discussion on Ethernet and CAN FD with application-based and solution-oriented presentations for those who want use the full potential of the new concepts.
Discuss with OEMs, suppliers, semiconductor vendors and tool providers!
 LOCATION: Stuttgart
 PHONE: +49 (0)89 998 30-669
  11/13 - 11/13
 Facility: DORMERO Hotel Stuttgart
 Sponsors: Carl Hanser Verlag
Project Sydney Conference
Project Sydney: Driving business and stimulating growth is a multi-segment summit bringing together all the players involved.The NSW Government has recently unveiled a huge project schedule that will revolutionise transport in and around Sydney.The aim of this program is to showcase those projects to construction firms, project engineers, consulting companies, financers, and anyone else in the project value chain to understand what is going on, what is being spent, specific project timelines, and ultimately how their business can get involved.The key for being involved is for industry and government to meet and network with project leaders about imminent development opportunities and future building Melbournes burgeoning transport system.
  11/17 - 11/17
 Sponsors: Informa Australia
Automotive Surfaces Conference
European Plastics News' Automotive Surfaces conference, held in Stuttgart, will attract and connect OEMs, Tier 1 manufacturers and plastics companies to examine exciting developments in the sector as boundaries between drivers, vehicles, and smartphones begin to dissolve.
ASEAN's Largest International Machine Tools and Metalworking Technologies Trade Exhibition and Conference - 28th Edition
 LOCATION: Bangkok, Thailand
 PHONE: +66 2686 7299
  11/19 - 11/22
The 6th China International Automobile Manufacturing Exposition
This event is hosted by China Council for the Promotion of International Tradeand China Automotive Technology & Research Center.
It is focus on the the manufacturing equipments and machinery during the auto production process, such as machine tools, pressing & stamping equipments, welding machines, forging machine, bending machine, laser cutting machine,industrial robotics and automation, etc.
Los Angeles Auto Show
Car enthusiasts, automakers and industry executives gather once a year in Los Angeles to unveil new models and display the latest in concept and technology. Show creator, ANSA Productions has also launched a three-day Connected Car Expo held in conjunction with the event’s press days, Nov. 18-20.
 LOCATION: Los Angeles
 PHONE: (310) 444-1850
  11/21 - 11/30
 Facility: Los Angeles Convention Center
International Automobile Show
International Automobile Show is a bi-yearly consumer exhibition displaying the latest on car models, offers, automotive services, commercial vehicles, automotive accessories and more.
 LOCATION: Sharjah
 PHONE: +971507376154
  11/26 - 11/29
 Sponsors: Expo Centre Sharjah
Commercial Telematics China Summit Open In November
The Commercial Telematics China Summit organized by GRCC, to be held on 27-28 November in Chongqing will gather 200+ senior decision makers from worldwide automotive OEMs, Fleet TSP, Fleet leasing/operator, intelligent equipment manufacturers, software/system and platform developers, carriers and insurance & risk management, banking and financing, government and associations, etc. to discuss Cost Cutting Strategies, New Cooperation Models, and Innovative Technology to Transform Your Value-added Services and Products and Achieve Customer Acquisition and Retention”. As the most authoritive and innovative event, Commercial Telematics China Summit will provide you with a precious business networking platform to help you to keep update with government and local authoritives’ new regulations; understand fleet TSP’ business plan and technologies breakthrough; and map out your own business strategies and position your service for maximum market share beyond 2014 in China! We are looking forward to meet you in Chongqing !

At present, the development of China commercial telemtics already has a certain foundation in technology, markets and regulations, etc., to promote the application of Beidou system is also provided for the development of a new commercial telemtics opportunities. As of the end of 2013, there are nearly 150,000 key transportation vehicles was installed with Beidou terminals, the market concentration is in the areas of logistics and transport, bus rental, long-distance passenger transport, heavy machinery and special vehicles.

Some companies have launched commercial vehicle telematics technology solutions, such as Shaanxi Auto "Heaven" car networking systems, Foton Motor (microblogging) ifoton, Yutong's "An Jie ," big dragon "Dragon Wings "Higer's" G-BOS ", SAIC Chase" InteCare linTonge wing pass, "etc., which have navigation features, and the functions of improving the operational efficiency of vehicles stretching.

Due to strong regional commercial vehicle market, the market is major in after-market. Although the Automotive OEMs also introduced the corresponding brand, it is still hard to realize commercial telematics services. On the one hand, these commercial vehicles operating license is issued by the local transport sector, it is necessary to accept the supervision of local traffic department or security department. On the other hand, the local transport sector monitoring platform must be connected to the Ministry of Transport platform unified supervision. Therefore, regardless of which brand of equipment installed on board, as long as it does not meet the requirements of the Ministry of Transport or the local traffic department, the vehicles will not be accessed. How to strengthen the relationship with traditional GPS co-operators is a top priority business for Automotive OEMs.

From the current point of view, the main purpose commercial telematics is to meet the requirement of the transportation department’s supervision, on the other hand is for security surveillance of vehicles. So far the commercial telematics is far from real vehicle connectivity, especially for the logistics industry, commercial telematics is just solve the transparent management of transport processes, and did not bring value-added services for logistics companies or owners.

In the commercial vehicle market, telematics products have begun to refine the various freight industry segments (such as cold chain, dangerous goods, courier, etc.), and gradually improve services, make it can not be replaced. According to British market research firm Visiongain released report, the global commercial telematics market in 2014 will be more than 11 billion U.S. dollars, noting that the growth in commercial vehicle telematics market is mainly driven by three factors. First, the rise of fuel prices and intensive price war within logistics industry, fleet operators urgently need to improve the transportation capacity with telematics technologies, and to reduce cost in order to gain a competitive edge. Secondly, the global regulatory order the use of telematics for safety purposes, such as the China no 5. Decress in July of this year, and in European it is required that by 2015 onwards the new commercial vehicles must be installed with in-vehicle information processing terminal that has a positioning function. The last factor is the constantly increase of s the needs of wireless connectivity. These drivers offer a very good opportunity for automobile manufacturers, service providers after sales, telecom operators, TSP, telematics hardware and software suppliers. However the development of China commercial telematics has been hampered by some factors such as increased vehicle costs; lack of product availability; information security loopholes and gaps; and the industry has not formed a complete industrial chain; The Commercial Telematics China Summit will map you out of the current challenges will practical solutions and secure your future success.

The Commercial Telematics China Summit organized by GRCC is the most THE MOST INNOVATIVE AND FOCUSED EVENT IN CHINA TELEMATICS INDUSTRY, we have opened sponsorship opportunities for you to marketing your products and services in China in advance of your competitors.

For registration and sponsorship please contact Michelle at :
Tel:86 (0)21 2230 6791
Fax: 86(0)21 2230 6717
Sina Weibo @GRCC上海创世拓元
 LOCATION: Shanghai
 PHONE: 86 (0)21 2230 6791
  11/27 - 11/28
 Facility: Chongqing, China
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