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GM plans to announce $1 billion in U.S. investments, creating 1,000 jobs

UPDATED: 1/16/17 9:43 pm ET - adds detail

General Motors, days after being called out by President-elect Donald Trump for expanding operations in Mexico, plans to announce U.S.

VW's plot to fool the feds: How high up did it go?

Even as VW pleaded guilty to felony charges and agreed to a record settlement of its emissions scandal, the noose of law enforcement has tightened around the automaker's highest executives.

Cars matter after all

Their volumes may be declining, but sedans -- along with their coupe and hatchback cousins -- still sell by the millions each year and will continue to do so for years.

EPA move could set up new fight over CO2

The auto industry's relationship with the Obama administration is ending just as awkwardly as it began.

Asia's luxury brands charge into EVs

Lexus, Genesis, Acura and Infiniti are considering EV offerings - in some cases to meet emissions rules, in others because zippy, futuristic EV cachet enhances the luxury buzz.

At Detroit show, something for everyone

The consumer has spoken, and the auto industry has responded. Americans want SUVs and crossovers, and you'll see them at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit. Lots of them.

Moray Callum's retro ride

Moray Callum, Ford chief designer, is cruising around in a 1976 Bronco SUV as he oversees design of the nameplate's 2020 revival.

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