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Switch to 48 volts? Not so fast

Every five years or so, you hear scuttlebutt that sometime soon a luxury car is about to replace its 12-volt electrical system with a battery capable of handling all the electronics now being developed for automobiles. It's not a quick change.

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In our preview for Futurismo, we talk about the inspiration behind Automotive News' first podcast, announce the theme of season one and discuss how the future of cars may not be about cars at all.

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What Customers Want

Shoppers are buying more pickups, SUVs and crossovers than regulators expected five years ago, prompting the fleet's projected CAFE value in 2025 to be reduced.

» CDK Global's Kathy Gilbert says 'You have to be tough.'

Watch this special video profile to find out what qualities Gilbert says are critical to succeeding in a male-dominated industry.