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Waymo cries foul over self-drive legislation

Several states are considering legislation that could exclude technology companies from operating self-driving vehicles within their borders.

The really new GM: Ready to quit Europe

GM's proposed departure from Europe would be a radical pivot for a company that historically tried to dominate every global market it could, as well as a sign of how dramatically the industry is being upended by shifting attitudes about transportation.
■ What's in it for PSA? Analysts aren't sure.
■ GM's European slog
■ Opel was once the little engine that could

How Chevy coaxed Cruze diesel to 52 mpg

To earn the EPA's rare 50-plus highway fuel economy rating for the 2018 Cruze diesel sedan, Chevrolet engineers didn't just drop in a fuel-efficient engine and transmission and call it done.

Audi fires 4 engineers from diesel division

Audi, which has been caught up in parent VW Group's emissions-cheating scandal, has fired four engineers from its diesel division. The dismissed engineers include the automaker's engine development chief and a former head of emissions in the U.S., a report said.

Self-driving vehicles: Why the rush?

The idea that the public will share the roads with thousands of driverless vehicles being tested should put a shudder through everyone, writes Keith Crain.

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FUTURISMO BYTES: Will the self-driving car become a vomit rocket?

The autonomous future isn't always glamorous. In our latest podcast episode, car designers tackle a gross, unexpected side-effect of more free-time in the car. CLICK HERE to listen to all of our Podcasts.