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Penske ends no-haggle pilot

Penske Automotive Group has backed off a no-haggle pricing experiment and returned to a traditional sales model and a commission-based pay plan at Toyota of Surprise (Ariz.).

Denso changes its recruiting as needs widen

Denso's new strategy for filling engineering vacancies: recruit engineers in Detroit and dispatch them all over the country.

Nissan seeks sequel to 'Rogue One' campaign

After Nissan's Star Wars tie-in kicked Rogue sales into hyperdrive last month, its marketing team is tackling a new mission: spreading the compact crossover's success to other nameplates.

Trump ready to shake up trade deals
UPDATED: 1/20/17 4:43 pm ET - adds details

Minutes after his inauguration, President Donald Trump signaled plans to pull the U.S. from the Trans-Pacific Partnership and renegotiate the North American Free Trade Agreement, moves that analysts say could have profound effects on the automotive industry.
Germany prepares for 'rough ride' under Trump

John Irwin
Why Trump perception could become UAW's reality

The perception that President Donald Trump is creating jobs for American auto workers could spell trouble for the UAW in the Trump era if the union doesn't address it.

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