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Dealer's first overflow lot in 37 years sign of U.S. inventory pileup

Across dealer lots in America, inventory is piling up as automakers produce more cars than are being bought. Dealers had about 85 days worth of cars and trucks on hand at the beginning of February -- about 22 days more than at the beginning of 2017 and eight days more than a year earlier.

Self-driving Nissan Leaf takes to Europe's streets for first time

Nissan has started European road tests of a self-driving vehicle in London using a modified Leaf EV. Britain's flexible approach to testing autonomous vehicles helped Nissan to pick London for its first European tests.

Honda places high-stakes bet on software, robotics with new r&d unit

In the new era of artificial intelligence and autonomous vehicles, Honda is planning its own transition from metal-bender to software-coder from this airy loft high above Tokyo with a lounge-like atmosphere and panoramic views of the capital to inspire its workers.

Volvo's new XC60 pushes it closer to 2 key goals

Volvo will use the new XC60 to move closer to two of its midterm goals: having a fully autonomous car on the road in 2021 and making sure no one is killed or seriously injured in one of its new vehicles by 2020.

COMMENTARY: Sharon Silke Carty
Uber confronts dark side of Silicon Valley culture

Maybe it was some hard-earned experience that led Uber's CEO to respond quickly to the company's latest PR setback: a former engineer's claims of sexist treatment from company managers.

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