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Waymo cries foul over self-drive legislation

Several states are considering legislation that could exclude technology companies from operating self-driving vehicles within their borders.

The really new GM: Ready to quit Europe

GM's proposed departure from Europe would be a radical pivot for a company that historically tried to dominate every global market it could, as well as a sign of how dramatically the industry is being upended by shifting attitudes about transportation.
■ What's in it for PSA? Analysts aren't sure.
■ GM's European slog
■ Opel was once the little engine that could

How Chevy coaxed Cruze diesel to 52 mpg

To earn the EPA's rare 50-plus highway fuel economy rating for the 2018 Cruze diesel sedan, Chevrolet engineers didn't just drop in a fuel-efficient engine and transmission and call it done.

Audi fires 4 engineers from diesel division

Audi, which has been caught up in parent VW Group's emissions-cheating scandal, has fired four engineers from its diesel division. The dismissed engineers include the automaker's engine development chief and a former head of emissions in the U.S., a report said.

Self-driving vehicles: Why the rush?

The idea that the public will share the roads with thousands of driverless vehicles being tested should put a shudder through everyone, writes Keith Crain.

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Black is the new chrome

The blackout look has overtaken the American auto industry this winter. It says cool. It says urban. It says edgy. Or maybe it just says something abo ...

FUTURISMO BYTES: Will the self-driving car become a vomit rocket?

The autonomous future isn't always glamorous. In our latest podcast episode, car designers tackle a gross, unexpected side-effect of more free-time in the car. CLICK HERE to listen to all of our Podcasts.