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AutoNation Q1 net rises 2.3% on flat revenue

AutoNation's first-quarter net income rose 2.3 percent to $98.1 million on parts and service growth, while revenue inched up 0.4 percent to $5.14 billion.

Lyft drivers claim Uber illegally unleashed Hell spyware to gain edge

Lyft drivers accused Uber in a lawsuit of illegally tracking their whereabouts using spyware code-named Hell to gain a competitive edge in the ride-hailing market.

China targets 35 million vehicle sales by 2025, NEVs to make up one-fifth

China is targeting 35 million vehicle sales by 2025 and wants new energy vehicles to make up at least one-fifth of the total.

Google will begin testing autonomous cars with consumers

After almost a decade of research, Google's autonomous car project is close to becoming a real service as it begins testing its vehicles with consumers.

Ghosn wants Mitsubishi to reform, rules out Nissan merger

Nissan and Mitsubishi CEO Carlos Ghosn ruled out a full merger of the two automakers, but said he wants changes at the smaller company. The executive repeated comments made previously by the alliance that it was likely the carmakers will cross-manufacture in areas where it makes sense.

Continental will increase investment in EV technology

Continental will invest an additional $326 million in electric-car technology as its customers including VW Group and Ford raise their investment in electric and ultimately self-driving vehicles.

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Off-lease glut? That ain't the problem

A glut of vehicles is threatening the industry's good times. But contrary to the predictions and pundits, it's not too many used vehicles. It's too many new ones.

O'Reilly dump gets customer feedback

Just 10 days after advertisers -- led by prominent automakers -- began pulling advertising from Bill O'Reilly's TV show in the midst of a sexual harassment controversy, the...

Japan dreams of a hydrogen society

As home market to two of the three global carmakers selling hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, Japan is understandably optimistic about the outlook for hydrogen-powered cars.