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GM, PSA haggle over $9 billion pension gap, report says

As GM tries to hammer out a deal to sell its long-struggling Europe business to PSA, one multibillion-dollar issue looms large: how the companies will manage an underfunded pension plan for retirees.
■ GM said to demand non-compete clauses in return for Opel patents

Musk disputes claims Tesla's Calif. factory workers are overworked, underpaid

Tesla CEO Elon Musk shot back against claims that workers at the company’s California factory are overworked and underpaid, calling them “disingenuous and outright false.”

February forecasts see flat U.S. sales despite heavy discounts
UPDATED: 2/24/17 12:35 pm ET - adds details

U.S. new-vehicle sales this month, driven by higher incentive spending, are expected to be about the same as a year ago or down slightly.

VW's profit boost clouded by $6.8 billion diesel-crisis charge

VW Group's provisions for its diesel scandal increased by 6.4 billion euros ($6.8 billion) last year. The costs overshadowed improving business as VW's operating profit rose to 14.6 billion euros, helped by record sales of Audi and Porsche cars.

Dave Versical
The skeptics didn't know Carlos Ghosn

Bob Lutz didn't think Nissan could be saved. At that moment in the late 1990s, Nissan was on the brink of failure. Then entered Carlos Ghosn.

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