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Opel was once the little engine that could

Europe has been a drain on General Motors for a long time, but Opel did have its glory days and at least once helped keep GM afloat. Automotive News Print Editor RIck Johnson was there when it happened.
■ PSA may vow to maintain Opel sites; deal likely by March 9
■ Why leave Europe's car market? So many reasons.

Toyota sees wider window for TRD

Toyota's expansion of Toyota Racing Development trims across its truck line opens the door for a sporty subbrand that could find its way onto higher-volume products such as the RAV4 and Camry as the automaker chases younger and more affluent buyers.

What my subconscious saw at the Detroit show

As I walked through the Ford exhibit at the Detroit auto show, experts at a division of the company called Nielsen Consumer Neuroscience had me outfitted with biometric sensors and a pair of glasses that tracked the movement of my eyes as they darted around the environment until locking in on the GT.

Nissan Leaf finds its fan base

Nissan's bold move into electric vehicles with the Leaf earlier this decade looks like a sales flop to many. But there are pockets of the U.S. market where EVs are in demand.

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Black is the new chrome

The blackout look has overtaken the American auto industry this winter. It says cool. It says urban. It says edgy. Or maybe it just says something abo ...

FUTURISMO BYTES: Ditch the Porsche, buy a scooter

Carmakers build cars, right? Well, not always. In our latest podcast episode, we investigate why the future of transportation might arrive on two wheels instead of four, and how this shift might solve a decades-old problem for cities. CLICK HERE to listen to all of our Podcasts.